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Dreams, Thoughts and YOU!!!

There is some unexplained connection between what you think, dream and what happens to you...
Unexplained... wierd... supernatural... powerful... however you might want to call it... but there, definitely, is some connection!

And.. funny though, but the busier am getting with my life (and thus, the fewer the moments I get to think - introspect - dream...), the stronger this belief is getting!

What's gonna happen next, somehow, flashes beforehand (not exactly in the same form it's gonna happen... and definitely not for all events...
but those that are important and those that matter... YES!! it does!!

Though, I would love to figure this connection out... but more importantly, I - really, honestly, desperately - wanna figure YOU out!

Because, for some reason, I haven't yet identified, YOU are the only thing/one on my mind - and that too, invariably!!

No face.. no voice... no identification... no smell... nothing.... but YOU are still on my mind all the time! (Well.. not ALL, maybe... but very very very often - for sure!!)

Does it mean, it's time for us to meet?!?! unite?!?! become inseparable??!!?
are you the next not-so-funny joke my life is planning to play on me?!?!




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