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hell, heaven and the state of numbness!

It's either hell or heaven, they say!

For some reason, I have always felt --
    -- the concept of hell, and heaven is incomplete!
Incomplete without the state of numbness --
                -- a state where hell or heaven doesn't matter, and there seems to be no difference between the two --
-- absolutely no difference -- neither in actions, nor thought!

It's only when one completes this picture that one realizes the eternal existence of all the three in one's life - infact, even outside it!

The past that we come from - the torture that we have been through and the pleasure that we have cherished --
          -- is the state of numbness -- for it is nothing more than an inch of space in some hidden corner of our heart!
The present that we are dealing with -- the pains that we are taking and the happiness we are getting addicted to --
       -- is the hell -- in a direct and ugly, or an indirect, seemingly beautiful way!
and the future that we spend our entire lives anticipating, or decorating --
       -- is the heaven -- for that's exactly where the ray of hope originates from!
Hope to have something better soon -- hope for an end to this mere survival, and a beginning of a life in its true sense!

It is this hope that adds beauty to all that's beautiful,
and comfort to all that's comfortable -- or, at least, livable!

It is this hope that connects our every breath, every heartbeat together -- in a magical rhythm.
it's this hope that you thrive on,
    It's this hope that I survive on!